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Doing Business in Korea? Domestic Service

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B2B Xpress

B2B XpressB2B Xpress enables full automation of B2B settlement via HSBCnet.
By eliminating traditional paper based promissory notes, settlement can be arranged with more flexible scheme and timing.
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ReceivablesOur Integrated Receivables Solutions(IRS) deliver a full suite of accounts receivable management services that meet your evolving needs.
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Business Financing

Business Overdraft Protection
Overdraft Protection provides protection to your current account against planned or unforeseen short term financing needs.

Business Loan
A Business Loan is a financing facility that can be given with or without collateral.

Line of Credit
A short-term credit line to cover your account receivables and account payables as well as any unforeseen financial needs.

Business Bonds and Guarantees
A Business Bond or Guarantee provides the beneficiary with access to a specific sum of money on demand from HSBC.

Deposit & UT products

Business Deposits Accounts
HSBC Commercial Banking offers variety of deposit accounts with competitive market interest rates to meet your short, mid, long term needs.

Investment Product
HSBC Commercial Banking offers variety of investment options that are tailor-made to meet your specific business needs.


Processing of all payment types across a number of countries, streamlined business processes.

Cash Concentration
You can benefit from our tailor made cash concentration solutions from which you can leverage surplus positions by offsetting deficits and optimizing returns

B2B Xpress
The solution enables you to reduce operational cost and manual processes by providing a seamless, portable, real-time environment for payables finance and receivables with or without finance.

Integrated Payments Solutions
Our Integrated Payments Solutions (IPS) deliver a full suite of accounts payable management services.

Virtual Account
A Business Virtual Account benefits businesses that have frequent electronic payments from multiple distributors.