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Importing and Exporting

Access to the global resources and technology that have served our customers worldwide for more than a century

Whether you are an importer or exporter, HSBC can help reduce the risks inherent in international trade, giving you peace of mind so you can focus
on your business.

Importer et exporter
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Import Documentary Credit

Your supplier is offered a secure payment method issued by an international bank, enabling it to finance its operating cycle where necessary.

Import Documentary Collection

The assurance that your documents will only be remitted by the bank to the buyer against payment or acceptance of a bill.


In a click of a button, you can access your cash flow, manage your international trade transactions and get the latest market information.

Standby Letter of Credit

A bank guarantee in case of non-payment of commercial import or export transactions.

Trade Import Loan

Boost your cash flow and get one-to-one tailored financial support.

Export Documentary Credit

Protect yourself against the risk of your buyer defaulting when the documents are passed to the issuing or confirming bank.

Export Documentary Collection

The assurance that your documents will only be remitted by the bank to the buyer against payment or acceptance of a bill.

International Bank Guarantees

Bid for international tenders without eroding your margins.

Pre-export finance

A solution enabling exporters to fund their production cycle from procurement to production of the goods and services necessary to fulfil the contract.

International Factoring

Be 100% covered against non-payment by your customers with a recovery process tailored to suit you.

Pan European Factoring

HSBC Factoring France can assist you with fast and secure finance for invoices raised by your European subsidiaries.


Non-recourse discounting for your export invoices.

HSBC Trade
Easy export

Are you an exporter looking for tailor-made support to guide you through the export process, from negotiation of the contract to payment? Look no further than the HSBC Trade Easy Export solution.

DC Advising

Speed up the management of your documentary credits and make it easier to send information within your company and to your partners.

HSBC Foreign Exchange for Business

With direct access to the trading floor, we offer a dedicated service for small businesses that want to execute their foreign exchange transactions in real time and/or effectively manage their foreign exchange risk with simple and bespoke hedging solutions.

Elys Export

Guarantee payment of your export invoices and use invoice finance to boost your global business expansion.

Credit insurance

Manage your customer risk throughout the trade cycle, whatever your business sector and size.