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Obtain Or Improve Your Construction Bond Line With Lawley

Lawley has one of the largest, most experienced surety bond and construction bond teams across New York, representing virtually all of the regional and national surety companies.

Our team of construction experts will guide you through the bonding process every step of the way. From Buffalo to Long Island, the Lawley Insurance Construction & Bond Team is here to make sure you obtain the best available program while providing quick turnarounds, competitive rates and increased capacity.

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When you select Lawley as your construction bond partner, you will have access to the full range of professional bonding services, including:

  • Financial analysis of contractor
  • Evaluation of business operations
  • Matching each contractor with the appropriate surety company
  • Formal preparation of account submission to surety company
  • Guiding contractors through meetings with the surety company
  • Review of contracts and bond forms
  • Strategies to increase bonding capacity

Meet Our bond team: Chris Ross, Brad Hall, Steve Paris and Tim Toole.

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