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Trade & Finance Services is an integral part of Citibank's product offering. In addition to a variety of plain vanilla trade products we offer innovative and efficient solutions structured to meet customer needs.

Customers: Citibank has a very wide customer base. Our clients range from large multinationals to small local companies, from public sector names to financial institutions. Also we are always looking to expand our trade product customer base. Citibank has a separate trade product unit and dedicated operations, all aimed at meeting customer needs and providing the best financial service possible.

E-Commerce: At Citibank we take pride in being technology leaders. World over our focus is on E-Commerce and electronic banking. In Pakistan we are also investing heavily towards this end.

International Trade: Citibank's single biggest strength is its global connectivity and access. This advantage helps us in providing better service and faster turnaround to our customers involved in international trade.

Domestic trade: Realizing the importance of domestic trade and its requirements, Citibank has structured innovative products to fulfil customer needs involved in local buy & sell activities.

Following is a brief description of some of the generic trade products that we offer:

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