It’s all a racket. Based upon the assumptions and presumptions that everything goes through the ‘Courts,’ particularly the so-called Criminal/Traffic venue is nothing more than a civil case seeking payment on a debt. The presumption is that if you go into this business transaction as though you need to dispute some facts and resolve some issues, you haven’t seen the handwriting on the wall and you haven’t got a clue of what’s going on in there and you’re bound to fall into the trap that has been set for you. It’s very obvious once you see it, but it may not appear obvious until you get your head screwed on straight that a ‘criminal’ matter in ‘Court’ is a Commercial draft.

Law is not voodoo hooey . . . They’ve got a @[email protected] to it. Every statute, err Law, that is passed by any level of this democracy Gubbernut is a bond. Its purpose in passing the ‘Law’ Code, Rule, Statute, is raising a revenue. That’s why They pass ‘Laws’ . . . to raise revenue. So every statute is a bond, and there is a value set on the bond. Every time the Straw-man/ALL CAPS NAME is charged in a charging instrument, it’s on the liability (the ability to lie), side of the account –the credit side. The credit side of the account is the liability side. The debit side is the asset side. It’s all backwards since they went to no money. And so every charging instrument is a credit instrument. A credit instrument is a liability and is a sum of money due. There is no money in circulation.

U.S. District Courts are buying up the State Court default judgments, when you refuse to pay or dishonor the debt, Contractors and Insurance Companies are bidding on the default judgments with a Bid Bond, then a Reinsurance Company comes in and purchases a Performance Bond as a surety for the Bid Bond. The Performance Bond is then under-written by a Payment Bond, this is usually done by an investment company or investment bankster. When these bonds are pooled they become mortgage backed securities or surety bonds. They are then put on the bond market through TBS (The Bond Association), and sell them as mutual funds on the stock market. (This is why Queen claims/informs the Road Pirates who steal her transportation are ‘Soliciting on the streets w/out an S.E.C. license).

In 1962 at the National Governor’s Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. Inc. informed the Governors, under the guise of “public necessity,” that they must all form, or reform the existing, private corporations under U.S. Inc. (in their State’s interest), so that people will not discover what the State Governments are doing with the people’s money (dabbling in foreign notes, i.e. Federal Reserve I.O.U’s, bonds, and evidence of debt), which information would likely cause a people’s revolt ending the State Officials being at worst killed, and at least replaced.

This was reported to have happened in an L.A. Superior Court recently:

First       – I do not consent to these proceedings.

Second  – Your offer is not accepted. (offer to contract).

Third      – I do not consent to being surety for this case and these proceedings.

Fourth    – I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will

                 indemnify me if I am damaged.

The Pirate in the black robe dismissed the case immediately and told her to leave the Court. Someone had listened to what she said and when they were called for their case, they repeated her words, and the alleged Judge dismissed his case, told him to leave the Court, got up and told everyone the Court was closed and would not open till the next day.

Where are Their bonds? They don’t have any. So They have no standing in the ‘Court’ room, and the ‘Judge’ got the hell out of the room.

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