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  1. Jessila

    Jessila Senior Member

    France, french
    Hi !
    I''ve just started to read The Great Gatsby, and just on the third page I'm already stuck with something I don't understand ^^

    The narrator says that he decided to join the "bond business".
    I tried searching for "bond" and found "entrepôt".
    I can't figure what the word "business" would mean after "entrepôt" :confused:
    So I suppose there must be another way to translate this... probably with the context of the period... But I just don't know.

    If anybody can help me out with this, I would really appreciate :)
    Have a nice day you all !
    Bye !
  2. Rob G Senior Member

    Normandy, France
    UK English

    The "bond business" is, I suspect, referring to the trading of bonds, which are certificates of monetary value traded on international markets. Looking up "bond" gives various options including "bon", "titre" etc. So somehting like "le commerce des bons/titres"...
  3. Bonjour Jessila

    Dans WR

    Il ne s'agit pas d'entrepôt mais d'activités boursières je pense.
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  4. Emeline539 New Member

    Je dois rendre une traduction mais je suis bloqué sur une expression: "bond business"

    La phrase est : "After the war I decided to go East and learn the bond business" (... "Everybody I knew was in the bond business so I thought it could support one more single man.")

    J'ai cherché "bond business" mais je ne trouve que "affaire d'obligation", ou quelque chose concernant les liens .
    Je n'arrive vraiment pas à traduire cette expression !

    Merci d'avance ! =)

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